Fun Gender Reveal | Outer Banks

Fun Gender Reveal | Outer Banks

Outer Banks Under Water Gender Reveal

Ben and Frieda are expecting their third baby in January!  We've photographed them since their first pregnancy, and it's so fun to see this family grow (and keep growing!)!

Frieda and Ben were on the fence about finding out the gender, since they already have a boy and a little girl.  But curiousity won and she handed over the sealed envelope containing baby's gender to Brooke Mayo Photographers!

We had a few possible choices for the reveal, non of which we've ever tried under water, so we picked out favorite (silly string) to try first, since this one would be the reveal.  We also loaded little water guns with food dye and had them shoot at each other!  After a few frames, it looked like a shark attack!

gender reveal

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Austin was a bit disappointed he wasn't getting a brother, but there were cupcakes afterward and all was well.

Cannot wait to meet your new little lady!