Infant Swim Classes| Outer Banks, The Swim Lady

Infant Swim Classes | Outer Banks, The Swim Lady

Christen Buchert does such an amazing job teaching kids and adults to swim, she starts them as young as 6 months with ISR ( and even teaches adults who have never tried.  She is so great with the kids, encouraging, inspiring, loving and so very patient all while teaching them to be able to save their own lives.

At 6 months old she teaches babies how to float if they fall in the water or go in face first and at a year old she teaches them to go from floating to swimming to floating until they reach the side of the pool or safety.  Christen also teaches American Red Cross swimming once they are 4 years old.

We are so lucky to have found her and have her as not only a swim teacher but as a role model for Poppy and now Peaches.


Infant Swim Classes Infant Swim ClassesHer little tutu is adorable and the bright pink shows up so well underwater!

Infant Swim Classes

The props are perfect, a ballerina and a golfer, the colors are perfect!

Infant Swim Classes