Newport News Baby | My Nephew, Noah Joshua Legg

Newport News Baby Portraits | My Nephew, Noah Joshua Legg

We finally got to go up to see sweet Noah, I am over the moon to be an auntie to this handsome sweet little nugget!  He came out sporting a head full of hair and he is strong as can be, at 3 weeks old, he can already lift his head and his little grip on your finger is a force to be reckoned with!  He makes the sweetest little sounds that sounds like laughter, it makes my heart smile so big!!  Turkey is such a natural mama, it all comes so easy to her as I knew it would.  She has always loved taking care of people and is so attentive and wonderful to sweet Noah.  Josh is loving being a dad, they are going to have so much fun as Noah gets older, fishing, surfing and running around outdoors.

Peaches is 11 days older than him and we only live 2 hours from each other so they are going to grow up frolicking and having such amazing adventures together!



Newport Baby Portraits

There is nothing like a new mama and her sweet beebster, you never know how much love you can feel until you have one of these little tunas!

Newport Baby Portraits

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