Outer Banks Birth Photography | Launa Jane

Outer Banks Birth Photography | Launa Jane

Outer Banks Hospital

It is such an honor to be asked to document a birth, it's such an intimate and primal experience and changes everyone's lives forever.  To be a part of that is humbling, inspiring and exciting.  I feel like they are part of my family, like their babies are my nieces and nephews and their parents become such great friends.

Although, Launa Jane made her debut into this world a few days early, it feels like we have been waiting forever for her!!  We found out we were due within weeks of each other and have been enjoying chatting every couple of weeks to see how each other is doing.  Although Sars was super ready for her to come earlier, she patiently waited until Launa was ready and it turned out better than anyone could have planned!

I got the text  from Sarah saying her water broke when I was in Corolla with Poppy and Peaches visiting our cousins who were here on vacation, John was at the wine event he has at Whalehead Club each Wednesday and Candace was at Sanderling photographing families underwater.

I thought, YIKES!  What do I do with BOTH kids??  That was the first time it hit me that it was going to be much harder having 2, esp. one that was so young...  our family offered to keep Poppy but I hadn't brought my pump with me, and I don't know you can purchase one in Corolla, nor did I come prepared with bottles.  If I had, I could have left both kids at the wine festival with John.  Although before me and Candace left the office, we were both packed with 2 cameras and 3 lenses to photograph Sarah's birth, but silly me, didn't have a plan for Peachie Pie.  You never know when babies are going to be born so we try to be as prepared as possible each day when you think it could possibly happen.

Once Candace was out of the water we were able to chat and come up with a plan, I met her in Duck, switched cars, she took both my kids, went to my house, got milk and took both my kids and her kids to watch 2 other kids.  She had 6 kids that night ranging from 2 weeks-11 years old.    I'm so thankful for her, she is an amazing photographer, phenomenal friend and such an inspiring mom.  So many things would not be possible without her!

Once I arrived at the hospital and saw Sarah, I breathed a big sigh of relief.  I was terrified with this being their second baby that by the time I got the call, Launa would be here!  I was on pins and needles driving!

When I arrived, she was 5cm dilated and her water had broken an hour before, in the hall at the hospital, where she works.  Her hubby, Ben, was on his way from work in VA.   Once him and the epidural arrived, she had a big smile on her face and both of them were just as cool as a cucumber.

One of Sarah's best friends, Andy, was her delivery nurse and made the cutest crib card for them, and picked Sarah up from her home when she went into labor!  Her pediatric nurse, Dr. Hennessey was so calming and although Sarah is a nurse and used to work in labor and delivery, everyone explained things to her and treated her like a normal person.  They took the time to explain everything to her about what they were doing, her birth, her baby and what to expect.  As Sarah said, when she was in labor, it was like she forgot everything, she knew she was doing things she shouldn't be but she couldn't help it!  Pain, stress and birthing a baby is not easy work, although, Sarah made it look easy!

Dr. Dwyer is an incredible doctor.  He was there to deliver Launa with a big smile on his face a relaxing tone and he even massaged Sarah's back before the epidural kicked in, he was so calming and professional, you couldn't have asked for better, her whole delivery team was a dream!

I got to photograph her big brother, Max's Birth, and talk about a fun evening!  She was singing "Ah, Push it Real Good" as she was pushing him out!!  This one wasn't much different.  Max came in and had dinner with Ben, snuggled his mama, she was transitioning to being 10cm dilated as Max was in the room, he left and Ben walked him to the car.  As soon as Ben got back, she pushed a couple of times and Launa Jane was here!


outer banks birth photography

Right before the she got more pain medicine and Benable arrived as the epidural didn't work the first time.  I hated seeing her hurt!!

outer banks birth photographyouter banks birth photography

Benable is here and a little rest before the hard work begins!

outer banks birth photography

Dinner with Max and Sarah is almost ready to push!

outer banks birth photography

Sweet Max telling his mama he loves her, their last moments as a family of 3!

outer banks birth photographyBoth parents are in the medical profession and Max seems pretty interested himself!


Here comes sweet Launa Jane!


Born 8lbs 20 inches.  Slightly bigger than her brother, healthy and wonderful!!


I love Sarah's gorgeous smile as Launa Jane is lifted to her chest and how Ben is squeezing Sarah's hand.


She came out with the sweetest little rolls and chubby cheeks, love her!!

outer_banks_birth_012outer_banks_birth_013Congratulations to all 3 of you, you're such an inspiring and fun family and it just got even better!!  I can't wait to see where life takes her, she will do amazing things!  Much love!!

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