Outer Banks Maternity Portraits | Peaches Dupree

Outer Banks Maternity Portraits | Peaches Dupree

Month by Month Documentation at Sanctuary Vineyards


Candace photographed me and Poppy at Sanctuary Vineyards from the same angle, in the same vineyard at the same time of day from January - July at 13, 20, 24, 30, 34, 39 weeks (the day before Peaches arrived!) and the day we got home from the hospital (the day after Peaches was born.) We wanted to show not only how my belly was growing but how Poppy was growing and how the vineyards change through each season. We went from snow in January until right before harvest, July 30th when the grapes are delicious and the birds are trying to eat them, hence the net and plastic holding the netting away from the vines.

I wore the same dress and Poppy got to dress however she wanted for each session and bring any props or toys she liked.  By the last session with Peaches she told me we were taking way too many photos in the same place and we needed to do something different.  When I showed her this series, she loved it and wanted a copy for her room.

John and his family have worked so hard on the vineyards and the farm and we wanted to document all the change and growth that happens on the farm in a year.

We are so lucky to have Candace as a wonderful friend and amazing photographer!  I wish shuggie could have been in the photos but he wasn't available for all of the sessions.


Outer Banks Maternity Portraits