Outer Banks Newborn Portraits | Harvest at Sanctuary Vineyards

Outer Banks Newborn Portraits | Harvest at Sanctuary Vineyards

Peachy Pie


It's harvest over here at Sanctuary Vineyards, that means the grapes are super sweet, the winery is bustling, everyone is working long hours picking, sorting, and crushing the grapes  making sure the wine is as wonderful as possible!  This is one of the few vineyards that hasn't been picked yet and we wanted to celebrate Peaches first harvest!

We pulled the nets up, removed the tubes that keep the birds from getting in and hung her in a hammock from the trellis.  You can't see Candace but she's right behind her holding her up to make sure she is super safe!

She's just about 6 weeks old and is the sweetest little chunky monkey.  She recently started taking a paci which Poppy never did and boy do we love it!  She kept trying to suck her thumb which we try to deter since one day we can take the paci away but not her thumb!  Although Poppy and Peaches look quite a bit alike, so far, they have much different personalities, although, they are both quite determined!


Outer Banks newborn portraits

Outer Banks Newborn Portraitsouter_banks_newborn_2

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