1 Month Baby Portraits | Peaches Dupree

1 Month Baby Portraits

Peaches Dupree

1 Month Baby Portraits

The majority of the time I sit at my desk with Peaches in only a diaper laying on the Boppy around my waist propped on the desk and this is the beautiful, sweet, kissable view I have all day long.  I'm one lucky mama!!  These rolls just don't quit, each way she moves or squirms I get to see a new sweet little dimple or tuft of hair or tiny wrinkle - I'm going to miss these one day when she just wants to crawl or walk around all the time and won't nap on me anymore!

Listening to each sweet little breath and having that wonderful baby smell, watching her little eyelashes flutter when she's dreaming...that's the best part of each day!  The day I took these photos, I wanted to make sure I didn't forget that so I photographed each little part of her body.

1 Month Baby Portraits

She was born with much more hair than Poppy was, it's starting to fall out now but she still has a bit of her "baby" hair left and the peach fuzz around her ears is so toot!


Love her little milk mouth! baby_rolls_3

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