2 Month Portraits | Peaches Dupree

2 Month Portraits | Peaches Dupree


Photographing my kiddos (humans or furry friends) is one of my favorite things to do!  I love being able to try new ideas out on them, practice as well as document their lives.  I am being reminded that sometimes the impromptu shoots are the best ones.  I have had 2 shoots I have tried with Poppy and Peaches that went nowhere, during each shoot one of them was having a meltdown.  Planning around their nap times and when both are in a great mood and I have the time and anything close by that I want for that shoot is not as easy... it's more than twice as hard with 2!  I have to remember that these photos are for ME and to not get down on myself.  When I photograph other people's kiddos I get to be only the photographer and the kids respond to me differently then they do their parents.  I also have an extra set or two of hands when I am working with other kiddos.  With me and the girls, it's just that. Me and the girls.

The best photos haven't been planned or dreamed up, they have been of life and what is really happening and I have had my camera ready.  The ones below I tried in the morning, Poppy was fabulous and was loving holding Peaches but Peaches was ready for her nap and crabby!  I did get the adorable ones at the bottom of Poppy and one of her besties, Hilo, which are priceless!  I went back to Hilo's house later that day and got the ones of Peaches on the hay but Poppy was napping.


These photos were taken while Poppy was at riding lessons. A friend had mailed the adorable diaper cover to me and I had just checked my mail so I had them available when she woke up from her nap.


Happy 2 months Baby Girl! Life is so much better with you in it!!

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