Black and White vs. Color | Headshots

Black and White vs. Color | Headshots


black and white vs. color

We love the off season, it's a time to play and shoot for us, revisit our style and rejuvenate our creativity.

Looking back at all our images for the past few years, we noticed there aren't many black and white.  It's not that we don't think they are gorgeous and timeless but it's that we see in color, we visualize in color and plan everything in color.  Removing the color and the background puts the focus solely on the person or object we're photographing.  It has it's time and place and is perfect for certain images but color gives a sense of time and place.

We played around with Candace's head shots and love the black and white ones but the ones we ended up using are in color.  We shoot everything in color but always have the option to turn it to black and white.  Thank goodness for digital.  Even when we shot with film and scanned it in, it became digital and could be changed easily to black and white.

black and white vs. colorblack and white vs. color