Double Stroller Debate | Joovy Too Wins

Double Stroller Debate | Joovy Too Wins

double stroller debate

To Stroll or Not to Stroll...

Before Peaches arrived, we decided that we did not need a double stroller, Poppy would be 4 and could walk and Peaches could either ride in a carrier on my front or in a stroller.  Decision made.

And then Peaches was here and we were out at a carnival and Poppy got tired (she still takes 2 hour afternoon naps.)  I had a stroller for Peaches but nothing for Poppy.  Instant meltdown.  She insisted on standing on the front of Peaches' stroller (her old stroller) which made it turn horribly and incredibly uncomfortable for Poppy as she was barely hanging on.  So the search for the perfect double stroller began.

Why I need a double stroller:

-traveling with the kids (with or without John) in airports, it can either carry 2 kids or 1 kid and our carry ons while Poppy walks.

-theme parks, although Poppy is almost 5, she still gets tired walking around Busch Gardens or Disney

-I wanted as stroller that would work from now until Peaches outgrows a stroller, meaning it would hold an infant car seat and has the option for Sit and Stand

-I want them to both be able to nap in the stroller


There were several I thought would work until I went to Babies R Us and looked at them.  I finally decided on a Graco for a few reasons:

1.  when traveling, I could remove the back seat to put luggage to carry through airports as well as Poppy's carseat.

2.  while it wasn't compatible with our Chicco infant car seat, it was easy enough to set the car seat in the front seat and strap it in with a bungee cord.

3.  it had the sit and stand option for Poppy.

4.  it had the option to have regular seats, one which faced me which I liked - however the backs were low, which meant that Poppy wouldn't be able to nap

downfall -  it was 33lbs and while it's lighter than Poppy, it's large and awkward.


I then found the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Too Tandem Stroller.

I love it!

-it weighs 21 lbs and folds up with one hand

-has the sit and stand option AND the seat slides forwards and backwards

-has 2 seats that recline with tall backs so both kids can nap comfortably

-has the option for the the infant carrier

-has a snack/drink tray for the front rider

-can hold up to 90lbs

-and it comes in lots of fun bright colors

It arrived today and we will try it out tomorrow, looking forward to Trick or Treating with Peaches tucked in all cozy and Poppy having the ability to jump on and off as she wants!

I'm not one to research my purchases