Fall Family Portraits | Baby Noah

Fall Family Portraits | Baby Noah

Sanctuary Vineyards

fall family portraits

My sister is such a natural mama, she has always taken care of everyone.  Seeing her with baby Noah melts my heart!   He is always smiling and such a strong little fella, at just over 2 months he's already rolling over both ways!

They came to stay with us for the weekend and we went to play around Sanctuary Vineyards.  I love their fall attire and the woodsy feel of their shoot.  Josh was happy to be in the photos but the creek was calling him so he packed up his fishing pole and headed back.  These photos couldn't be more "them" as any chance they get they are by the water with their pup, Finn, and fishing pole in hand.

Noah is going to be an incredible fisherman and surfer by the time he's grown!


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