Family Portraits | The Wrights

Family Portraits | The Wrights

Sanctuary Vineyards

It is so much easier for me to take families portraits than to have them done of myself and my family.  Choosing the outfits, having everyone up and ready on time and in a good mood is rather stressful and not an easy task!

The morning of these portraits, it could have been melt down city but instead it was the easiest ones we've ever done!  I chose what Peaches and I were going to wear the night before.  We had decided Candace would come over at 8am, I didn't set my alarm as we are always up by 630am so 8am is late for us!  However, the night before was John's 35th birthday party and although it ended by 9pm, that meant we all went to bed later than usual, so somehow we all were asleep when Candace arrived at 8am!

I jumped in the shower and let Peaches sleep, I told Candace the colors we were wearing and she got Poppy dressed in an outfit she found that matched... this is no easy task as Poppy really had her mind set on wearing her Elsa dress!, but Candace was able to change her mind with a Twix.  John jumped in the shower and put on a blue shirt, once I was dressed, I woke up Peaches, fed her and got her dressed and out the door we went at 815!

All the stars aligned - Peaches usually wakes up around 7 and is up for about an hour and then back down for a nap for a few hours, if woken from her nap, she is crabby but thankfully, she slept late as well and we were able to take these photos.

Poppy adores Candace so she was able to elicit smiles and Peachie Pie was in a wonderful mood!  We even walked around the farm and found Mimi and Pawpaw, however, we didn't have Mimi, Pawpaw and John together at once.

We were finished by 9am, just in time for Peaches to have her morning nap!

Thank you so much, Candace for being so helpful and for taking these for us!!  It's much more challenging to be a family of 4 for photos than a family of 3!

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