Outer Banks Headshots | Meet Amy

Outer Banks Headshots | Meet Amy

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Outer Banks headshots

Little Miss Amy is all things fun and fabulous!!  She is the maker of Outer Banks Sea Salt, caters weddings and is a personal chef not to mention an amazing writer!  I was so excited to capture her fun loving personality and she certainly brought all smiles and plenty of sass!

We took Poppy and some of her classmates to her home to watch, learn and make sea salt themselves, it was a fascinating adventure!  We saw how she has gallons and gallons of ocean water and how she cooks it down to make the salt, what makes larger salt crystals and what makes smaller ones and got to witness all the time and love she puts into each batch!  She even let the kids make salt scrubs for their hands and feet and send us home with some to try!!

Amy, you're an amazing and inspiring artist full of love!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

Outer Banks Headshots

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