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Asheville Portraits | PB + J

Asheville Portraits

Even though I went to school in Boone, NC, I have never been to Asheville, NC.  This was my first time and although I was nervous that it was going to be snowing and super cold, everything about our time there was perfect!

John found an adorable cabin between Marshall and Mars Hill on a farm with sheep, goats, cows, pigs, chickens on a mountainside with snow, it was absolute heaven!  We took these as soon as we pulled up after 9 hours in the car with the kiddos, Poppy was thrilled to be out playing and Peaches was super ready for a nap.

Poppy got to hike, climb trees and even milk a cow, which was much harder than we expected!  I love traveling with these three, it's an incredible day, no matter what the moods, to be able to spend an entire day getting to know each other and teaching one another different things.  Poppy really pushes herself and ask so many questions during our travels, I love that John has the knowledge and patience to answer each one of them thoughtfully.  I try but often times I just don't have the answers!


Asheville PortraitsAsheville Portraits