Holiday Portrait Party | Alpacawaka

Holiday Portrait Party | Alpacawaka Barn and Pastures

Renee Landry Style

holiday portrait party

This young lady was the inspiration for this Holiday Portrait Party.  She is the agricultural teacher at Currituck as well as a 4H leader.  She adores animals of all shapes and sizes and teaches Currituck's youth all about them.  She has been talking to Candace all year at Canvas and Cork about her holiday card and how she wanted something super fun and different this year, Alpacawaka was chosen and she even secured a holiday sleigh for the day!

Glimmer Weddings did a great job on her hair and make up and her attire couldn't have been more perfect!!  We ask everyone to wear clothing that could go for holiday but that they also want to display in their home year round.  We don't want the photos to "go out of style" after Christmas!

We like to photograph everyone with the fun sets we have come up with as well as simple backdrops and gorgeous lighting.  This year Renee Landry Style created the cutest Hot Cocoa Stand (many thanks to Access Design for the letters!!)

Candace and I had a ball playing with everyone and we fell head over heels for the alpacas!  Candace is seriously considering getting a pair!


Holiday Portrait Party We can't wait to meet Sherri and Adam's beebster, they aren't finding out the sex - ack!  I'm dying to know!!

Love these two pair of siblings, they both have so much fun together! Holiday Portrait Party

We are so glad that Dee and Maggie brought their pup, it's hard to beat the love that these three share!

Poor Emerson! The Alpaca's were so sweet all day but one got aggravated at another and accidentally spit on Emerson, it was hilarious!!  Their family had the biggest smiles after that!  If something's going to happen, it will be to her.  When her parent's told her they were having a baby, she fell out of the swing and into the water!  Her expressions are perfect!!

We are so glad all the parents opted to be in the portraits, they are going to love looking back one day at these!

Holiday Portrait Party

Cathie and David are the gracious owners of Alpacawaka, they were so helpful and sweet all day and were happy to work with everyone and help bring the alpacas over to visit with each family.  They are sooo very soft, their hair grows in a tuft on top of their heads naturally, sooo very cute!!

Holiday Portrait Party

This family has 5 kiddos and they were such incredible listeners and ALL in a great mood! How did that happen?? That never happens for my 2, much less 5!!  Most sincere smiles and so helpful!  This one alpaca was rather curious, we couldn't have planned it better!!

Holiday Portrait Party

These three have the best smiles and are so playful!!  Conner loves his ladies!

Holiday Portrait Party