Maternity Portraits | Sanctuary Vineyards

Maternity Portraits | Sanctuary Vineyards

Austin, Alice & Family

Maternity Portraits

Frieda is such an incredible mom, she makes it look so easy.  She goes with the flow, doesn't get too stressed out and most importantly doesn't take anything too seriously.  Mommy hood is the best when you can laugh at yourself and at your children, although you do this when they aren't looking.  A tantrum on the floor, why, just turn your head and giggle - it won't last forever!  Having three will be a blast for all of them.  They have always wanted a big family, but I think their dreams of 5 or so kiddos has changed to 3.

These children are hilarious.  We all love playing together but when they come for a shoot, they both tell me, "Brooke, I don't want you to have your camera."  It cracks me up!! Austin is especially opposed to it when we're playing at the pool.  Underwater photos, "No Thanks!"

The kids have named baby #3 "Hot Wheels."  What her real name will be may be decided sometime before her first birthday they joke.  They love old family names so I imagine it will be something classic and very meaningful, or maybe it will stay "Hot Wheels."  We shall see!

Benable tosses Alice soooo high in the air and she LOVES it!!  Flying baby galore!

Congratulations you 4! We can't wait to meet your new little sassafrass!