Myrtle Beach Portraits | Poppy & Peaches

Myrtle Beach Portraits | Poppy & Peaches

4 Years and 4 Months

Myrtle Beach Portraits

The last 4 months has been filled with more love than I could imagine, lots of travel, and the best snuggles in the world.  Not to mention tons of diapers and sleepless nights but how can you mind when you pick her up and she's all smiles and quiets as soon as you touch her?

Poppy has really taken to being a big sis.  Every waking moment that she is home from school she wants to be with Peaches, holding her, kissing her and talking to her, in baby talk of course.  Peachie is sitting up and smiling so much, cooing and talking to us.  She wants to go and do with Poppy so bad!

We drove to Disney the Sunday after the Currishuck and Thanksgiving, never thinking that everyone else would be driving that day too!  17 hours later we were in Orlando.  The drive was not fun but the next few days made up for any regrets we had while driving down.  Pops loved it and even rode on Thunder Mountain!  Peaches is very easy going and would nap in the stroller and then be awake and in the best mood.

On the way home we had to stop in Myrtle Beach for John to attend a market for the Cotton Gin.  While he was out working one day we had a quiet morning in the hotel room and I captured these of the girls playing.  Pops loves hotel beds and this room had the best light!



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