Sneads Ferry Portraits | Baby Tag

Sneads Ferry Portraits | Baby Tag

7 Weeks Young


Sneads Ferry Portraits

We have been on the go for the last 2 weeks, in Florida and then Myrtle Beach for John's work and on the way back home we got to stop in Sneads Ferry to meet sweet little Tag who is just 7 weeks old.  He was so alert and easy going, didn't even mind going outside for a few photos even though it was chilly.

His daddy is in the military so it was only suiting he snuggle up with one of his shirts and since it's almost Christmas we had to get some with the tree and the adorable sleigh his mama had out! We even got to go outside for a few even thought it was chilly.

7 weeks is such a fun age, they are filling out, sleeping more and getting so alert and starting to recognize their mom and dad. I loved watching him look around and pay attention to everything around him, he especially loved the tree and lights!


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