Virginia Engagement | Busch Gardens

Virginia Engagement | Busch Gardens

Fun Engagement session in Virginia Beach and Christmas Town at Busch Gardens


Adam and Erika are the most fun couple!  They are so adventurous and have the best stories!  They met on a flight from ORF to ATL.   Adam surprised Erika and booked the same flight to propose on!  He had a boarding passes, bags packed, car rented and friends waiting in Atlanta as they landed!  Erika thought he was picking her up to just go kayaking!!

Their first engagement shoot had to be postponed because of bad weather, and with a looming 'save the date' deadline approaching, we braved winter hurricane conditions for their shoot.

We started in Virginia Beach near the couple's home for a beach shoot.  It was 39° and blowing about 30 mph, which made snuggles even tighter!  Erika has the biggest and brightest smile, which never left her face!

virginia engagement

We moved north to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for fun holiday shoot.  It is so gorgeous there and so many fun places to play.  It was crowded, so making it look as though Erika and Adam were the only people in the park, as well as not draw attention to myself as a professional -was no easy task. virginia engagement

We had mega giggles on the carousel as we realized how hard it is to actually get two people to kiss on horses that move up and down at different intervals!  We succeeded and everyone still has their front teeth full in tact (although both Erika's brothers are talented dentists and I'm sure could of crafted a tooth or two!). virginia engagement

These two rocked our shoot in cold and wind and looked gorgeous the whole time!

We are so excited to shoot their wedding in June at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg, NC!!!

***side note- when parking at an amusement park, one should fully note where they park their car.  Walking around in the freezing cold at night with camera gear, ending in a complete 'European' parking lot tour (multiple times) via parking lot security is not fun.