A Month in Chile | Casablanca

A Month in Chile | Casablanca

Traveling with a Baby and a 4 Year Old

I had planned to blog more on our trip but the day we arrived I plugged in our noisemaker for the girls into the power adapter and blew up both of them.  From then on out we had to rely on the hotel we were staying to have an adapter and most did not. Luckily we brought car chargers for our phones but next time we will make sure to bring a car adapter so we can charge computers or phones in the car as we drive from place to place.

John did a phenomenal job of planning our trip.  He chose 11 amazing cabinas and he seemed to know the perfect amount of time to have us stay at each one based on what he found to do around the area and the size of the house.

We started out in Casablanca, about 45 minutes from Santiago airport.  We used credit card points to book Hotel Casablanca and we loved it.  It had one double bed and a small partition to separate the room, on the other side were two twin beds and the bathroom. The main bedroom area had a balcony that led to the pool and restaurant, which was delicious.  It was perfect to put the girls down for bed or nap (Peaches slept in the bathroom in her pack n play so when she fussed at night she had less of a chance of waking Poppy.) There was an indoor heated pool, an outdoor pool and a hot tub made from a large wine barrel heated by a wood stove that you had to put wood in when you wanted to heat it.  Poppy was in heaven! Since we had an overnight flight, we landed at 9am and were at our hotel by noon after we went through customs and got our rental car.

We had snacks of peanut butter, granola bars and dried fruit as we drove to the hotel.  Once we arrived Pops and John hit the pool while Peaches napped and I rearranged our packing.  Instead John having a bag and us gals having a bag, we moved all cool weather clothes to one bag and warm weather to one bag, this way at each location we only had to bring in our day bags, backpack, Peaches bed and one valise.

Pops declared she didn't like Chile immediately because it was too hot and she thought it would be cold.  This was the only place it was hot day and night.

We drove into town to go to the grocery store and stopped by Maceradeo Restaurant for a heavenly lunch of Chilean Sea Bass, a delicious salad and wine.  At most restaurants we found they brought bread (more like a biscuit) with a tomato salsa and butter.  We usually would split an entree and salad amongst the three of us.  The day we left we also ate here and purchased handmade scarves, plant holders and hair bows.

Although most places said the drinking water was safe, we bought bottled water as I was worried that if I got a stomach bug I would be too dehydrated to nurse Peaches and most places we went did not have a large store where you could purchase diapers, baby food, formula or even fruits or veggies. The stores were more like convenient stores unless you were in a larger town and found a "Lider" which is the Chilean WalMart.

The following day we went exploring and found 2 wineries, Vina Indomita, which had the most gorgeous views of the coastal mountains and a porch where you could taste wines overlooking the vineyards below with an amazing mirror that reflected the valley and we went next door to Vina Mar which had such a fun champagne tasting! I learned the bubbles should start from the bottom of the glass and go towards the top and should not dissipate for at least two minutes and you should tilt your glass when you pour.  My favorite was the Extra Brut.

John and I took turns tasting from a man who spoke English outside on a terrace.  Peaches was sleeping in the car while Poppy played on the playground right by the car.  It was a perfect set up, a wine tasting ALONE!  Usually Poppy is with us and loves to smell each wine and try to decipher what it smells like, pretty funny!  This was a time where everyone got to do what they wanted at the same time!

We only met a 6 people the whole month who spoke English and the gentlemen who did our wine tastings were two of them.  I learned a little bit of Spanish but thank heavens John is fluent!

After our tastings here we went to Tanino in a winery called Casa Del Bosque for lunch. The two restaurants we ate in Casablanca were our favorites and the only ones we ate in more than once.  We came back to these two the last two days of our trip.

I took my camera almost everywhere with me. I tried to remember "the best camera is the one you have on you" and I tried to make it my D700 and used my 24mm lens for most the trip. I find landscapes are most striking when taken horizontally so you can see more of what the human eye sees.  At times when I didn't have my good camera with me I did have my iPhone.


Next post will feature Pichilemu!