A Month in Chile | Pichilemu

A Month in Chile | Pichilemu

Traveling with a Baby and a 4 Year Old

Pichilemu Domos were the second stop on our month long Chile tour.  John spent so much time researching the whole trip and he planned the perfect amount of time for each place based on activities to do around the areas.  We love the beach so he booked 4 nights here and we loved every second of it!

The Domos were so spacious with three bedrooms, one being upstairs and 2 downstairs, a full kitchen and living area, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect set up!  It was right across the street from the beach you just had to walk down a hill, across the street and down a path and you were there with a great view from the porch!  Since it had a tent top as the roof, it got as warm as it was outside during the day and as cool as it was outside at night.  They provided a heater and plenty of blankets so you could stay cozy at night.  It varied from the 40's to the 80's.

This is Pops frolicking down the path to the beach with her fern.  On the way to the beach I taught her how to pull ferns off their stem and then make a "flower" and toss them in the air, something I loved doing as a kiddo.

I took my 85mm and 24mm lens with me on our walks as I never knew which one I would need.  I know I would be more in the moment without my camera but what good does it do you 20 years from now when all the little moments are revisited by our kids and grand kids?


We took turns taking Pops to the beach while Peaches was napping, this is the domo with John sending us on our way with an "I Love You."


Valentine's day is always a special day in our household and I love that John is continuing that tradition for the girls!  He proposed on Valentine's day and we're usually off on adventures so it's a fun day to always remember! He went to the store and came back with a rose for his girls.


There were gorgeous black sand beaches and the ocean was super chilly but it was their summer and all the locals got in anyways!  The surfers wore wet suits and Poppy just ran away! This photo was taken on a Saturday in the summer, the weekdays are much less crowded.  The sun sets around 9:30pm and this was taken close to 8pm.


We went to the point called "Punta de Lobos" to watch the surfers.  There was a very large sea lion swimming amongst them, from our vanish point on top of the rocks, the sea lion looked to be as large as the people!

Pops loves holding Peaches although she isn't always so sure about it she never fusses!


We took a day trip to Buchelemu to see the tiny fishing town and watch the fishermen bring in their catch.  They go out in the rough ocean in small boats and fish with nets, drive back to the shore and have tractors pull their boats up.  They fillet the fish on the boat and sell to whoever comes by, restaurants or private households.  You can tell who the tourists are!