A Month in Chile | Santa Cruz/Colchagua Valley

A Month in Chile | Santa Cruz/Colchagua Valley

Traveling with a Baby and a 4 Year Old

This stop was dedicated to wine tastings, visiting vineyards and outdoor pool time.  This was the only hotel that included a pack n play for Peaches (6 months) which was nice so we could leave hers in the car and made for less to unpack.  The staff was so friendly and the bed and breakfast feel was perfect.  It was a king bed with a single bed beside it for Poppy (4 yo).  Peaches bed was in the corner and the bathroom had a jacuzzi which Pops loved and treated as her private indoor swimming pool.

We only stayed 2 nights but enjoyed being able to put the girls to bed and then walk down to the lobby while they slept.  The hall way was right off the lobby and we were the only ones staying down in, thank goodness because Peaches did some screaming at night!

While the girls slept, John and I stayed up reading. Around 9pm we felt shaking and it sure enough was a 5.9 tremor from an earthquake that morning. The family sitting at the dining table beside us kept pouring his glass of wine and playing cards without looking up. That was our first earthquake.

We woke up after a night of Peaches crying like a Chilean gremlin. Peaches soaked her outfit and Poppy just wanted to go back to bed, but we carried on. The hotel staff had a nice breakfast waiting, with coffee, fruit, yogurt and some Chile biscuits. We jumped in the car, and drove for miles through pretty farm villages, over old cobbled dirt roads and past all sorts of farm animals, making for a great game of I Spy. We arrived at Vina Vik, an amazing winery and vineyard on a 10,000 acre private estate consisting of an entire valley. We were led on a private tour through the farm, where Poppy ate handfuls of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The tour led us to the winery, which looked like a spaceship that had landed in a mountain valley. The walkway to the winery led through a reflecting pool dotted with giant boulders. The pool sat over a giant 1500 barrel storage room that was cooled by the water running over the concrete above. The tank room was equipped with all new stainless space age equipment, and the wine tasting was done in a small glass walled room among the tanks. It was crazy. The wines were great, but the setting was so intense that the wines were certain to impress. We could only afford one bottle, but were thankful for the tour and the opportunity to see what must be one of the most impressive setups in South America. We followed that up by driving back in to Santa Cruz for a lunch at Vino Bello, an Italian restaurant situated among grapevines.

We got to taste the individual wines from the exact barrels that went into their single bottle of wine made for that year and then we got to taste the final wine.  Poppy was so good, coloring away and smelling each wine and Peaches just smiled at all of us.  After this we had lunch and pool time.  Poppy met a little girl who was 4 who was staying at the bed and breakfast and although they spoke different languages they had fun playing "hide and seek" and charades.  Pops learned the Spanish names for cat, dog, horse, ballerina and a few other animals.



Above the ceiling is the pool which cools the tanks and barrel room.


John and his gals in our hotel room before nap.