Sisters | Poppy & Peaches

Sisters | Poppy & Peaches

Love These Ages!

One day Peaches little cheeks aren't going to be this dimply and adorable and her hairline will be covered with long locks and her little legs won't have all these little rolls. One day she will be walking by herself and not needing me to hold her while she stands.  But today they do and she does and how will I remember them without a photo?



These are my girls.  Pops with her farm feet reading to her sister while Peaches just smiles and goes along with anything.  Pops is such a great big sis, she loves Peachie so much and always wants to be right with her. I couldn't ask for more!  It's so important to keep my camera handy and document every day of our lives. Time passes way too fast and looking back on these photos makes my heart so happy.  Every second that passes is the past and must be documented to the best of my ability!

Make sure you PRINT your photos, don't let them get lost on hard drives, in a move, during a fire or even as technology changes.  Macs are phasing out USB ports, print your photos and back them up in several places to keep them safe.  The ones you will look at and share with future generations will the ones in albums in your living room.  Enjoy the photos and remember the past, all the little moments that slip aways so quickly.