5th Birthday Portraits | Kindergarten is Upon Us!

5th Birthday Portraits | Kindergarten is Upon Us!

Poppy Day

Where have the last 5 years gone?  They have been filled with so much fun, adventure, learning and love and each one is earmarked by her progression.  It's no longer, oh, it must have been 2014 because x and y got married that year, it's oh, it's 2014 because Poppy was 4 and I was pregnant with Peaches and we did x and y.  Babies bring so much more meaning to every day because you see how you act and react to them changes them and their behavior.  It's not like a business decision, you make it, implement it and then several years down the road you see the the benefits of what you have done.

This little tuna is so sweet and sensitive, artistic and sassy.  She isn't fly by the seat of her pants, she must be prepared for a change,  much like her daddy pants.

It's taught me to prepare a bit more, with work, I'm overly prepared.  With personal time and life I wing it.  Oh, I forgot a diaper, well, we're not going home because that would take too much time.  Well just walk around the farm diaperless and deal with the outcome of that decision as it happens.  Water and leaves, right?

Where with work, it's leave 5 hours for a wedding that is 20 minutes away because what could happen? A flat tire? A wreck? Forgot something... pack equipment days before and check it the day of the wedding.  Take 4 cameras not 2 because it's possible that 2 die at a wedding.

I have to be flexible, all parents do because you don't know what each minute will bring.

I'm so lucky that Poppy came into this world and made me a mom and shug a dad and our parents the most wonderful grandparents we could ask for.  Because of John and his families hard work we're able to live the life we do, on the farm with them right by us and there is no where else I'd rather raise our girls then in the beautiful county of Currituck.

5th BirthdayPops in Mimi's yard picking her flowers that her great grandparents grew. 5th Birthday5th Birthday

Pops in the apple tree in Mimi and Bubba's yard.

5th Birthday

I'm so in for it in a few years!!!  But I LOVE this face!!  Haha.  Very Poppy!

5th Birthday


5th Birthday5th Birthday