A Month in Chile | Cachagua

A Month in Chile | Cachagua

Traveling with a Baby and a 4 Year Old


We stayed in Cachagua (3km south of Zappaller) the longest, 7 nights in an adorable cabin not far from the rocky beach and Penguin Island. (Bird Poop Island)  We never knew there were penguins there until we saw a map, but sure enough mixed between the pelicans and seagulls were little penguins!  This was Poppy's favorite place of the whole trip.

Nestled in the rocks was a very well made and thought out rocky pathway that led all the way up the coast to Zappaller. During one of John's runs he found the neatest beach, it was way down below lots of cliffs and was a bay that didn't have many waves, was pretty secluded, had tons of shells and sea glass and lots of trees for shade. This was our perfect beach! We didn't swim as the water was really cold and the jellyfish were huge and littered the rocks and sand and after last years fiasco of Poppy being stung by a blue bottle on a beach in the middle of nowhere we didn't want to take any chances!

When we checked in to the Cabanas Cachagua they didn't have us down as coming in until the next day.  Because it was their mistake they graciously put us up in a home that slept 7 instead of 4 for the same price.  It was so spacious and we were very grateful!  They owner immediately told John about the Tsunami Evacuation plan.  They said if you hear an alarm to get out quickly, and follow the signs out and to the right and up the hill.  We thought this was a bit odd but we appreciated the information.  The following day Peaches was napping and I was playing with Poppy outside while John took a shower.

I heard an alarm.  A very loud alarm.  I grabbed Poppy and told her to follow me, yelled to John, "John, there's an alarm." (I never call him John so he was terrified), ran up and grabbed Peaches out of her bed and by the time I was back downstairs John had the car on and doors open.  The three of us jumped in the backseat without our passports, camera, computer, wallet and we didn't even close the doors to the car before John was flying out of the dirt parking lot and up the hill.  I was sure there was a tsunami since earlier that morning Volcano Villarica had erupted.  So we evacuated but on our way up noticed people taking out their trash, folks at a bar 3 bottles of wine deep, people still on the beach below us.  It occurred to us once we were safe that maybe it wasn't the tsunami alarm.  And our suspicions were confirmed.  It was a house alarm from across the street.  We got home, I took a nap and John went for a 2 hour long run.  I terrified us all but it gives us a good laugh thinking about it now!



chile_036 chile_035|The PBJ family on a small island outside of Zappaller that we hiked up to.


The last night in Cachagua we decided to open the Vik wine we had gotten at the winery, we knew it would be best enjoyed while still on our trip rather than bringing it home.  What we didn't plan for that night was dinner, so lots of wine and no dinner made for a very early bedtime!

John cracks me, "Cogitating the Wine" as my dad would say.