A Month in Chile | Lo Abarca

A Month in Chile | Lo Abarca

Traveling with a Baby and a 4 Year Old

After driving through the small town of Lo Abarca which had beautiful mosaics on the sidewalks and walls we came to Casa Marin right on the outside of town. I had no idea what to expect but we followed a 4x4 car (we were in our 2 wheel drive Peugeot) up and around a mountain, through a gate and down a very very steep gravel road to the vineyards, around more vineyards, twisting and turning on skinny steep roads to an amazing cabin on a mountain overlooking syrah on one side and Sauvignon Blanc on the other. It was breathtaking!

Since Poppy had a nap in the car on the way there she stayed up until it got dark, gulp! 9:30, and played in the dirt, ate grapes and we read Mr. Popper's Penguins, an adorable book!

This was the perfect place to spend our last 3 days in Chile!


Lo Abarca, Chile

We woke up the next morning to such a beautiful view of the fog rolling in over the mountains and up the vineyard and they were preparing to harvest the Sauvignon Blanc that afternoon.

Lo Abarca, Chile

We woke up on the final day with mixed emotions on having to leave. We had a fabulous breakfast of homemade wheat bread, eggs, ham, cheese, butter, jam, avocado which the winery delivered to us Poppy and I hiked up and down the steep vineyards while Peaches napped and John read. We came inside and tried our hardest to get the girls to nap before we headed out but it resulted in snuggles and rest which was good for us all.


Lo Abarca, ChileLo Abarca, ChileLo Abarca, Chile

We climbed the steep hill in the Peugeot one last time and went to the winery to pay for our hotel. We then drove to Casablanca and had lunch at the first place we dined which was so good, went to one final winery outside of Santiago and headed to the airport.

One last adventure which thankfully we were only observed...

Once we arrived at the airport the Sky Meals was on fire and people were in the highway while ambulances and fire trucks flooded the streets. Everyone was safe.

We dropped off our rental car, packed up our bags on top of the stroller and went inside. It took awhile to return the car and then we had a quick and easy time through security and to our gate. We arrived about an hour before boarding and the Delta staff were super helpful, they got us 5 seats in a row to ourselves so Pops got to be by the window and Peaches in a bassinet. We did carry Peaches car seat on but she loves sleeping on her stomach so she got much more rest once the bassinet was attached. As always, Pops was a rockstar sleeper, take off to touch down. We made it through Customs and to our next flight with minutes to spare.