Paperless Post | What Makes a Good Photo for a Card?

Paperless Post | What Makes a Good Photo for a Card?

Can you count the amount of photos or illustrations you see per day, whether it's TV, billboards, Facebook or Instagram?  We can't either!

We are surrounded with visual imagery so when you send an invitation to someone you want to make sure it's something that they will remember and want to keep.  Many invitations without words on the front may even end up on your friend or families wall or in a frame.

You want it to be emotionally engaging, funny, beautiful or something your viewer can relate to.  Many magazine's front cover will have the subject looking at the camera so it's more eye catching.  Of course, based on your event, your imagery may be tamer than the photos below, however, here are a few examples...

This was used on their invitation to their anniversary shindig...


This one was used on their house warming invitation, 4 legged friends were also invited.