Outer Banks Headshots | Brooke & Candace

Outer Banks Headshots | Brooke & Candace

Sanctuary Vineyards

We never know what will happen when we get together for our headshots, this time it started raining as we were finishing and we ended up in the beautiful yellow field of mustard behind the winery.  Peaches came with us so at the end Candace took some sweet snuggly shots of me with my 9 month old!

It's always a different experience being photographed instead of being the photographer but I think it's important to have my photo taken often to remind me how my clients feel when I'm photographing them and to have photos of me for my children to see one day when I'm much much older.  I want them to be able to look back at my life and see how much fun it was.

Happiness is something you make for yourself and you choose everyday, it's how you view the world and we hope to pass that on to the girls.  We always say,

"Make Good Decisions, Have Big Adventures."  I hope we always do.

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