Corolla Engagement | Whalehead Club

Corolla Engagement | Whalehead Club

Steve, Jenna and Rocky


I met Jenna, Steve and their Shiba Inu Rocky at the Whalehead Club in Corolla Light.  The couple are visiting the Outer Banks and doing a bunch of wedding scouting.  The Outer Banks is a great place to have a destination wedding, with a ton of talented local wedding venders.

Rocky received a ton of attention from others as we walked around the historic site.  He was frisky and enjoyed all the new smells!


After a thorough walkabout at the Whalehead, we headed over the public beach access for a few photos as the set had set and made a beautiful soft sky.




There was a terrible fire at a local business and five homes that night, at the same time we were shooting. We kept our shoot facing a direction as to not have all the smoke in the back ground.

Congrats to Jenna and Steve!

Xxo! Candace