Nags Head Beach Portraits | The Jones Family

Nags Head Beach Portraits | The Jones Family

Family Vacation

Nags Head Beach Portraits

I love seeing Mary Mac each year during their family beach vacation and this year was extra special as her sister Louise was here!!  She is the smartest 10 month old, can already say ball and Murph (their pup) among other words and wants to walk so bad!

I also got to meet their grandparents and cousins, now I see where they all get their gorgeous thick hair from!

They stay at an old Nags Head style home each year which is so gorgeous and quaint, I love the green shutters and sweet benches out front, not to mention the gazebo by the ocean, perfect for an evening cocktail!

Nags Head Beach Portraitsnags_head_beach_portraits_7nags_Head_portraits_10And did I mention her dad's a dentist and she has an impeccable smile!


He's discovering the sound of the ocean in the conch - love!