Sanctuary Vineyards | Acoustic Sunset

Sanctuary Vineyards | Acoustic Sunset

Fun for the Whole Family!

Summer is my favorite for many many reasons but a big one is that Sanctuary Vineyards hosts Acoustic Sunset outside (weather permitting) every Thursday night at The Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg.

The kids and I look forward to it all week, it's a fun party with live music, free wine tastings and now you can also get food at Thyme and Tide inside the Cotton Gin!  That is one less thing to plan or stress about before we head to Acoustic Sunset, just scoot over and get food that pairs perfectly with the wine instead of worrying about packing a dinner or snacks!

All the kids have a blast climbing trees, playing in the mud and playing outside, a perfect time and place for imaginations to run free!

The kids are all playing together which means the adults are having fun chatting with one another and enjoying food and wine!

Naked and muddy is how we left last week.


Sanctuary Vineyards Sanctuary VineyardsSanctuary VineyardsSanctuary VineyardsSanctuary VineyardsSanctuary Vineyards