Engagement | Kaylee and Brad

Outer Banks Engagement | Corolla

OBX vacation surprises!


So exciting photographing Kaylee and Brad! They are newly engaged to be married, as in- he proposed the DAY BEFORE!!!

The couple live in New Jersey and have been together for four and a half years.  They had planned an OBX vacation and Brad thought it the perfect time to pop the question!  He woke Kaylee up at 5:30 am for a sunrise walk with their pup and a bottle of champagne.  Once they were on the beach, Brad dropped down on one knee and Kaylee said she was too busy to answer because she was running around and jumping!

We met at their rental house in Corolla.  We manage to fit in the most beautiful shoot in between complete downpours!  It stopped raining just a few minutes before shooting and we had beautiful skies and sand reflections.  Once we finished on the beach, we didn't make it back into the house before the bottom fell out again!





Congrats you two!!