Corolla Family Reunion | Fun with Cousins!

Corolla Family Reunion | Fun with Cousins!

Perfect 7pm Shoot

We couldn't have asked for better weather for this families Outer Banks beach portrait session, it was slightly overcast which meant we could shoot by the dunes or water or anywhere we wanted the entire time, it was never too sunny or windy, whew!!

We started off with each families photos by the dunes, the parents, the kids, the whole family and then did some playful photos of them running and frolicking by the ocean.  We photographed the grandparents with their grandbabies, just the cousins on each side of the family, the original kiddos with their parents... each grouping you can think of! At the end the kiddos and some adults went and swam in the ocean, twirled, fell and had a fabulous evening on the cool sand.

37 personalities = tons of fun!


Corolla Family Reunion