First Birthdays | Martin's Peach Orchard

First Birthday | Martin's Peach Orchard

Peaches & Noah

It's hard to believe these two are already 1 year old! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was walking around the farm in labor with Peaches and then meeting her for the first time a few hours later.  She came out smiling and hasn't stopped since!  She's not a big sleeper but when she's awake at night she just smiles as soon as you walk in. We are the luckiest family in the world to have this sweet girl, it's funny how each baby you have is perfect and meant just for you.

We can't thank Candace enough for always capturing our milestones, maternity (every month!), birth, newborn, new home...  she's nothing short of amazing.

Last year a week or so before Peaches was born we came over to Martin Vineyards for our maternity session. We had no idea what this year would have in store for us and how much happiness this little life would bring.



Peaches loves all animals, Finn, my sister's pup makes her giggle up a storm!


She loves to squat and stand but hasn't taken her first step yet!


She is her daddy's girl, she lights up when he walks into the room!


My daddypants, sissy and her son Noah came with us to the orchard.  We love having them so close by and having the kiddos grow up together.


My beautimus sissy and sweet Noah who is only 11 days younger than Peaches, can't believe it's been a year since he was in her beautimus belly! What a fun life!!


Her two babies.


The girls and our tunas.


Peaches will take his food anytime, he's gotten good at protecting it!


Poppy Day, our little monkey!