ISR | The Swim Lady

ISR | The Swim Lady

Floating, Swim, Float


These little ones have had 6 weeks or more of training 10 minutes a day 5 days a week to learn how to float by the amazing ISR instructor on the Outer Banks, Christen Buchert.  If they fall in the water they have the skills to go under, roll over and float until someone is able to reach them.  Once they can walk they can learn to float, swim and float until they reach the side of the pool or safety.  Poppy has been taking swim classes and refreshers since she was 8 months old and Peaches took the first class last Spring.

It's amazing to watch these kids, it gives them so much confidence and the parents some peace of mind since many of us are by the water more than we aren't.

Thank you, Christen, for all you do for all of our families!