Boudoir | Brooke Mayo Photographers

Boudoir | Brooke Mayo Photographers

Brooke Mayo and Candace Owens


We shoot a lot of boudoir. It's one of our favorite things. We, sadly, do not get to show you most of it. Mom's, sister's, and teacher's etc, come to us and trust us to shoot and keep confidential.

We are not shooting pornography. These are gorgeous portraits. Lighting, make-up, hair, new lingerie... It's a day for pampering and feeling beautiful. All too often, our clients come in and they put themselves down. Sometimes, it's just an off comment. We hear, "my stomach is fat", "I have cellulite", "I've saggy boobs from nursing". Girl, we've seen it all, and we got you. I promise, we know how to tuck, turn and hide. But, most of all, we want you to know, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. We can see it, your partner can see it, but sometimes we're blind to our own self.

Boudoir is not something to just give your partner for them to enjoy. It is a self esteem boost FOR YOU. Come have a glass of wine, feel pretty, have fun, and know that you're going to be seeing the photos later and thinking, "damn, I'm fine.".

We are thankful for the clients who let us show teasers, or more. There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful, or SEXY. Somewhere we were taught that being confident is egotistical, being sexy is promiscuous, and doing something for yourself is selfish. Do this for you. Not when you loose 10 pounds.