Day in the Life | Poppy & Peaches

Day in the Life | Poppy & Peaches

Growing up Currituck

Currituck family portraits.

Fall is here, and we are trying hard to get in to the swing of Poppy having a schedule now.  I have a pretty random schedule, with shoots booked in mornings, middle of day, evenings and all day weddings, some of which I have to travel to.  It's harvest season for John, also Sanctuary Vineyards has two up coming seafood wine events happening in Jarvisburg, The Crabdaddy and Currishuck in November.

Now, Monday-Friday, Poppy has school.  I didn't realize how much time I would miss with her as our schedules conflict.  When we do have family time, we try and unplug and make the most of it.




This is a pretty good picture of how things run around here. Poppy throwing a complete tantrum, while Peaches is just waiting for more food. I cannot wait to hear what Peaches has to say as she grows up. I wouldn't be surprised if her first sentence was, 'Chill out, Poppy".



I'm sure Poppy loves school, if she didn't it would be a melt down every morning. But if you ask her if she likes it, the answer will always be, "it's 7 hours long!".


Poppy has been really into reading, so we've been leaving her little notes around the house for her to sound out.