Outer Banks Baby | Peachie Pie

Outer Banks Baby | Peachie Pie

Keeping Up With Our 13 Month Old


Poppy is enjoying Kindergarten.  Although, she won't admit it.  Her only gripe is that it last for SEVEN HOURS!  I had an emotional first few days, but then I realized how much extra time I have now!  Haha.  But I do get to spend more one on one time with Peaches.

As a mom, guilt is always there, and I was feeling it because Pop's had me to herself for four years.  Now Peaches and I can have a little more time for reading and playing at a 13 month old level.

She has been taking more steps recently.  Although, she gets frustrated when she does.  She has only been a crawler for this long out of pure stubbornness.  Lots of babbling, more words and pointing.  All smiles.  This child is full of sunshine and pure joy.  I hope she stays this way through her toddler years ahead.

Even with out naps, and staying up past her sister, Peaches is smiling!  And the child loves to eat!  I don't know where she puts it, she's a lean string bean, but loves just about anything.  She already eats more than Poppy!


We love her necklace from our friend Lynne.

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