Cats, Kids & Chickens, Oh My! | Randace

Cats, Kids & Chickens, Oh My! | Randace

Fall Family Portraits

We were thinking of our yearly photos and trying to make them reflect us.  We are most definitely 'beach people', which is generally our theme for portraits.  We shoot on the beach the majority of the time for our work, so we feel a bit uninspired by the time of the year we have time to actually think of our family portraits.  Besides, we've done it years in a row, so I suggested to Brooke that we try and get all of our cats and chickens into one photo.

It went about as well as expected, but that's our crazy animal lifestyle here.  We ended with minimal scratches and animals with bellies full of treats.  We've always had a two cat rule, but this summer my husband rescued two kittens, at different times, and now we are a four cat family.  Add in our chickens and taking care of bees, and we're starting to feel a little bit homestead-ish.

Here is Yaz and Dayne with the newest baby, Ray Jay or Sweet baby Ray. newbern_9


Me with my soul mate Ben Lewis.


Yazmine with Roscoe James. We got him as a tiny tinal kitten the summer before she started kindergarten and he's our old man now.  The black specks on his nose have been there for years and Dayne swears it's from the time he ate some chocolate.


Yaz feeding Roscoe and Sullivan, the shelter rescue grey cat that's a crotchety old man.


Thank you so much Brooke Mayo for our family pictures. We will most definitely treasure these forever!