Day 5 | Tenerife

Day 5 | Tenerife

Volcano El Teide



Visiting the volcano has been all Poppy has been talking about for months and today was the day. We woke up and headed up to Volcano El Teide, Tenerife (3718 M). When we were half way up Peaches began crying non-stop saying her ear hurt. At that point there were no pharmacies around and the road was too skinny to turn around on for miles and miles. It was a two lane road with a beautiful pine forest on one side and a cliff on the other. We had Tylenol and gave that to her and she calmed down. We weren't sure if it was so much of an ascent that her ears had too much pressure and weren't popping or if it was an infection. Once we made it to the top and the landscape began leveling off she didn't say anything more about it. Whew. Our surroundings went from cool beach to a city up the hill to pine forests then shrubs until there was nothing but red rocks. These rocks were the oldest lava from the volcano, the greenish ground was from when it erupted around 2k years ago, around when Jesus Christ was said to walk the earth and the black rock was from less than 300 years ago, 1790. We hiked a few miles (Peaches wearing my shirt as it was colder than we had anticipated, packed snow boots and cuddle duds but no coats) and told them to close their eyes and pretend they were on the moon. They did and it brought up fun conversation for the rest of the hike. We left the volcano via a very rocky road over volcanic rocks and went to Masca Valley, Tenerife. We drove a really pushing it "2 lane" road, (you had to back up to a corner where there was more room if there was a bus/truck) until we found a place to park. We stopped and hiked up a smaller mountain to view the city that has no cars. John and the girls played "Ring around the Rosie" while I walked around and explored the area. We considered hiking down to the city but was told by someone who had just hiked it and stopped where we were that it was a rather strenuous hike and took a couple of hours. Had this been our first adventure of the day we may have done it but the girls were tired and beginning to get crabby so we opted to come home for an early dinner, bedtime and have some daylight of our own to enjoy champagne with the kids in bed. Opening the champagne may have been the most challenging part of the day for John Wright!!!




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