Tenerife | Day 6

Day 6 | Tenerife

Igueste San Andres


Today, we left our first rental home after washing our clothes, and tried to dry them on the way. Each stop, we would hang them out the windows and doors of our car to create our very own portable clothes line. We came to our second house in Igueste San Andres. On our way, we drove back towards the volcano, rode a camel, and went into La Orotava Tenerife Islas Canarias to visit a winery/vineyard. The country is so steep the agricultural areas are mixed in with the cities since there is not enough flat land to grow vines or plants. The vineyards are tiny parcels, maybe a half acre spread out all over the country unlike most places where there are acres upon acres of vines or farmland. We we left there and began our trip to Igueste San Andres, the drive was breathtaking, but it wasn't until we passed Santa Cruz that the road turned terrifying. Luckily, it was 2 lanes with a guard rail but it was on the side of a cliff incredibly high up, and the only way in or out of the town we are visiting. I am so scared of heights, so these 5 or so miles were quite challenging! When we arrived, the host family told us to park by the restaurant, (only one in town) and hike down the town to our apartment. We came off this 2 lane road on the side of the cliff almost directly by the restaurant. This is the top of the town. It's so steep everyone in the city has to park at the top of the city where we did, and walk down to their homes. As you descend the steps, there are walkways named roads to the left and right with doors randomly spaced, gardens, homes, and apartments. A fascinating maze of a town, we can't wait to explore more tomorrow. Luckily, we only packed 4 backpacks for our trip but we did have all of our groceries. It was quite a hike getting everything and Peachie Pie down. Once we did, it was so worth the effort! Looking over our balcony are the "farms", the rocky beach, Atlantic Ocean, and in the ocean, several drilling platforms. At the very top left of the cliff, you will see a white "house." This is the cemetery, the very end of the road.




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