Sourdough | Winter Project

Sourdough | Winter Project

Learning to Bake Sourdough


I told myself this winter I would learn how to make Sourdough Bread, from scratch.  I've been reading books, watching youtube videos, and buying a few things to get started... it's been exciting!

First, I had to make a sugar water so it could begin to ferment.  I cooked raisins, and sat the mason jar in a warm spot in the house for a week, shaking a few times a day.  We were waiting for it to bubble, and smell like alcohol.  Once it smelled like prison hooch (assuming), we were able to mix with flour and let that sit and get all yeasty and bubbly.  Once this stage can float in cold water, it's able to make bread.

We have to feed the starter everyday if left in room temp, and once a week if we decide to keep in fridge to hibernate.  I've been baking so much, we have left our starter on the counter.  Feeding consists of mixing equal parts water and flour together, and adding to the starter.  It's going to get gassy, bubbly, and grow in the jar, so make sure the jar has enough extra space.

Since we feed our starter everyday, and watch it grow, it has become a pet for us.  Dayne named it Gertie, and we've all become quite attached to seeing what she's up to.


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