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Sleeklens Photoshop Actions Review

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Sleeklens Photoshop Actions.

When editing images, I'm always looking for new ways to make my workflow more efficient, so when Sleeklens contacted me and ask I try their actions, I was so excited!  I'm not very technical, so having actions that are easy to install and use is super important to me.

Once you download the file, double click to open it, and locate your Photoshop Folder in your applications folder on a Mac.  Open your presets folder, and drop it into your actions folder.  Reopen Photoshop, load your actions, and voila!  Here is a video to walk you through it step by step.

My favorite action in this bundle is PORTRAIT RETOUCH - Fast Retouch (Eyes, Skin, Teeth.)

This gorgeous gal didn't need any retouching whatsoever but I was looking for an example of a close up portrait to show you what is possible.

The left is "before" and the right is "after."

Click "play" on the action you want to use.  On this particular one, one click gives you all of these layers, how convenient!!  You can choose the opacity of your brush (make sure you have it on white), and paint on each layer until you are fully satisfied!   It's like adding make up after the photo shoot!  Blush, mascara, eye liner... Do make sure you don't go overboard, what looks good in the moment may end up looking overly retouched later, so double check yourself!  You can always go in and lower the opacity of each layer as well.

I then wanted to brighten the entire image and try the "golden hours" action.  It increased the brightness and warmed up the photo significantly .

I felt it was too yellow so I brought the opacity down to 55% and loved the look.  This is certainly something you can play with and that will vary with each image.

Next, I wanted to try the "Light Glow" actions.  For this image, I chose "Sunny" and "Peach", then combined them at a lower opacity and put them in the corner where the sun was.  It added a slight believable warmth and haze, which made it feel more summery.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with these actions, they compliment our portrait style, and certainly shorten the time it takes to retouch each file.