Rustic Chic Wedding Inspiration | Currituck, NC

Rustic Chic Wedding Inspiration

Currituck, NC

Rustic chic weddings are a gorgeous way to work the beauty of nature into your big day. Outdoor settings, dreamy lighting, and wooden accents create an ethereal feel that makes for amazing photos and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. And if the summer of 2017 is any prediction: this trend is here to stay.

Looking for ideas to use this style for your wedding? Every detail adds up, and I’ve included some inspiration below:


Location is huge when it comes to setting the mood. Popular choices for a rustic feel are barns, open fields, and clearings in the woods. More unique options include tying the knot lakeside, on a mountain top, or even in a beautiful backyard. If you’re someone who likes to plan, a non-traditional outdoor setting will allow you to have control over every last detail. If “big picture” is your vision style, it’ll be easier to stick with a traditional barn or outdoor venue that regularly hosts weddings. Their event coordination staff will be instrumental in tying everything together. Here’s a list of local venues to check out.


Rustic chic weddings tend to have a feel of simplicity that is tied into wardrobe as well. Lace dresses and floral head pieces are very on-trend, but there’s room to go even more casual with attire: suspenders, camo and cowboy boots are also fair game. In fact, cowboy boots are a popular choice for many wedding parties. They’re synonymous with a western feel and are a comfortable option for dancing the night away. King Ranch offers a variety of styles depending on what you’re looking for.


The right decor can tie your event together, and it’s the perfect canvas to display your relationship’s personality. Wildflower bouquet centerpieces under dreamy light strings make for a romantic feel. Burlap table runners and wood signage can tie in mother nature. Vintage cars provide a beautiful photo backdrop. The options are limitless when it comes to bringing your personal style into a rustic wedding theme.

What rustic chic wedding styles are you swooning over?