How Technology Has Made Photography More Enjoyable

How Technology Has Made Photography More Enjoyable

Smartphones have turned the photography industry on its head. 77% of the American public own a smartphone, according to Pew Research. Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that 1.2 trillion photos were taken on smartphones last year. The beauty of such gadgets means that capturing a precious family moment can be done in an instant. As a result, photography has become more enjoyable for both amateurs and professional photographers.

Making photography fun

Technology has helped to make photography fun. Apps such as Snapchat allows individuals to use filters and lenses to enhance, change and add emojis to their images. These lenses are used by 70 million active Snapchat users every day and are introducing individuals to the world of photo editing. Furthermore, it’s a great way for both amateur and professional photographers to get their photos recognized. Medium states that Snapchat gives users a 90% viewing rate, which is far superior to Instagram's 10%.

Instant images

For the best part of 150 years, photographers would take endless snaps on film and have to get each one developed before being able to share them with anyone. Modern technology means that every treasured moment you capture can be viewed and shared instantly. Link your smartphone to other smart devices in your property and you can enjoy scrolling through family photos on gadgets such as your TV with your entire family. In a similar fashion, professional photographers can instantly show their clients the images they have taken by simply slotting their camera’s memory card into a portable internet-connected device such as a tablet or laptop. Thus giving their clients an active role in choosing the snaps they wish treasure forever.

Easy access

The internet of things (IoT) means that there’s no need for individuals to print and store every single image they take. Instead, photos can easily be stored in cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Clearly name each folder and you’ll never have to go hunting through endless images on your phone, memory card or physical photo album again. This is particularly beneficial for professionals as they can share images and folders from cloud storage to their clients. They can then view the images you’ve captured of their special day at their own leisure and enjoy selecting ‘Favorite’ of their preferred snaps.

Technology has made capturing, storing and viewing special moments easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Therefore, when you’re wanting to record lifelong memories to treasure for life, be sure to call upon a professional photographer who will utilize the latest technology to ensure your photos are the best they can be.

written by: Jackie Edwards, freelance writer

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