Staying Safe While Photographing Outdoor Scenes & Beautiful Landscapes

Staying Safe While Photographing Outdoor Scenes & Beautiful Landscapes

You might not know it, but the most-viewed photograph in history is actually a beautiful outdoor scene that was captured in 1996. Windows XP’s default wallpaper called “Bliss” was snapped on film with a medium-format camera and supposedly was never retouched, and while the landscape doesn’t look particularly dangerous, a bit of foresight probably went into planning and taking the photo safely. There’s no denying that sometimes you can get so caught up in a beautiful moment or breathtaking landscape that you forget to pay attention to your surroundings. While getting the perfect shot is never worth sacrificing your safety, there are a few ways you can ensure you’re caring for your own safety while also getting the shot you want.

Understanding How to Photograph Landscapes 

The key to staying safe while photographing beautiful vistas lies in first understanding general photography rules of outdoor scenes. Whatever type of landscape you are shooting, you’ll want to first think about the essential qualities that give it life. What kind of emotions does this place stir in you and how can you transmit that to the viewer? If you are trying to show off how insanely steep that drop off the canyon is and the mere idea of stepping foot out onto the ledge makes you hyperventilate, you might want to convey that, but do so safely. If the shot you want requires you to jump into the surf at a sandy beach, you’ll need to think about safety as well as what that might require in terms of gear. Think about the colors, lighting and general setting to figure out where the best position is to take the photograph. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to assess the safety of the situation.

Safety Precautions for Outdoor Photography 

Photographing wildlife, extreme adventure sports, remote areas and other similar landscapes will each require their own set of safety measures. Always have a point of contact for wherever you are in case of an emergency and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the site you are visiting. If something feels dangerous, don’t do it. Never approach wild animals without permission, and always seek cover in the case of bad weather. To really ensure you’re staying safe, try to think of yourself as an outdoor adventurer and follow safety guidelines accordingly. Familiarize yourself with safety guidelines that climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts follow and you should be fine when photographing beautiful vistas and landscapes. One of the most important tips for shooting outdoors is simply to be aware of your surroundings and use your common sense. Check the weather beforehand to make sure you and your camera are prepared with the right gear, follow the rules, and you should be fine.

Stunning Photos Done Safely 

Photographing outdoor scenes and beautiful vistas is something you’ll need to practice to get just right. Outdoor photography is one of the most challenging types of photography as it is dependent on so many external factors such as weather, lighting, terrain, wildlife and so much more. While this can make the art an exciting one and getting the perfect shot even more rewarding, ensuring you’re safe while doing so is key.

written by: Jackie Edwards, freelance writer

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