Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

Coolangatta Estate

Coolangatta horseback riding

We stayed at the Coolangatta Estate that was built in the 1800s by 100 prisoners. It's now been kept up and made into a hotel/winery, we got to stay in the prisoners quarters which very much resembled a barn, it had the dual barn doors over the front door, hooks with old bridles and saddles hanging on them, it was amazing, Poppy loved it!!

While Peaches napped one day, Poppy and I went to the Regal Riding School and rode "Tinkerbell" and "Dunkin" on the beach. Such an incredible experience, walking over the dunes, hearing the ocean, and feeling their hooves sink in the sand, then watching my 7 year old canter down the beach with the other adults.  

Thank you, Monique for taking a photo of me and Poppy, love having this memory!!

Beach horse back in Coolangatta
Coolangatta vineyard
daddy and daughter
Australian vineyard sunset