Loving Greater Than Gatsby Actions!

Easy workflow


The sun is wonderful to work with but shooting by the water without much shade available we have to be careful about the times we shoot to provide flattering portraits. 

Sometimes there are no clouds and the sun is still high in the sky.  Although we put the sun behind our families, the light may come into the camera more than we anticipate causing a hazy image full of light. 

We were so excited to run across Greater Than Gatsby Actions!  With a click of a button you can darken shadows and remove the haze, with a second click you can warm up your image and give your clients an instant tan!  Below are 3 images, the first one is straight out of camera, the second one is with the haze remover from Greater Than Gatsby and the third is with a warming filter that can be adjusted to add or remove as much as you would like.  





no haze with warmth