Visit to Amish Country!

Iron Stone Acres Farm Bed and Breakfast

We are so sorry for New Bern, North CarolinaWilmington, North Carolina, Swansboro and all places that Hurricane Florence is destroying! My sister, Allison Mayo-Legg is collecting donations at Barrier Island Bagels for hurricane victims. 
When they cancelled school last week the girls and I decided to evacuate, John had to stay to harvest the grapes. We were driving towards DC and made a last minute decision to go to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and visit Amish Country. 
Poppy has always wanted to see a horse and buggy so we decided to book a Mennonite homestay at Iron Stone Acres Farm Bed and Breakfast which was a phenomenal experience! While booking our stay we had the option to add a traditional Amish meal to one night of our stay. We chose this and went to the family's home. We ate dinner with them and 11 others. There was a couple from France, Spain and at breakfast the following morning we met a family from Israel. 
While staying at the working dairy farm we got to feed calves, watch cows being milked and experience how the Mennonite's live. We went on adventures each day and one day we met a wonderful Amish family who we became fast friends with. They have 2 girls, ages 11 and 3 and 2 boys, ages 9 and 7. We would go over there each afternoon after their kids got out of school to play. They taught our girls how to drive a horse and buggy and would go from farm to farm to collect milk for their calves. 
We are so grateful for these experiences and to really be able to feel and see how different cultures live. I hope this family will come stay with us on the OBX one day!!!!

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Amish Horse and Buggy farm
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