Bodie Island Surprise Proposal!!

Engaged on the OBX!!

She said, "YES!!" at the Bodie Island Lighthouse!!

This was a pivotal moment captured forever to be shared with generations to come.

The plan was for me to be in the front of the lighthouse taking landscape photos and for them to walk up to me and ask if I wouldn't mind taking a photo of the two of them. 
I was so nervous, as was he! I tried to not stare but couldn't help but watch carefully each couple who pulled up, I was so worried I would miss them! 
At exactly the time we agreed on, they walked around the building, she was reading a sign and he was behind her and gave me a wave. They continued to walk around and read signs and look at the lighthouse before they approached me. I was worried he'd see me watching them and just drop to one knee anytime and change the plans. 
Nope, it was all PERFECT!!! They approached me for a photo and as soon as they handed me their photo he dropped to one knee! She couldn't speak, and then there were tears, then laughter and then she was jumping, he was crying, they were so so so so excited!! She said, "Now I get to be with you when I'm 94!!!!" 
How stinkin' sweet was that?! 
It's such an honor to be asked to document these small moments, a moment that lasted a few seconds but is the start to the rest of their lives. 
Congratulations!! THANK YOU for having me!!

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